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Welcome To


I own, operate and do my Lampwork glass designs here in sunny,
Silverdale, Washington, where custom orders are

"I am a self representing Lampwork artist.....still working at perfecting my art.
I love designing and making beads
I also take great pleasure in seeing what they can be made into by others

I've been making custom Lampwork beads for about 17 years and

Below are a few of the fun things I have produced - for myself and clients
..............and links to some other pages of my creations


Busy at the torch in my studio

Making a round bead


Shaping a bead 

Glass used to make beads


Stylish RED HAT Pendant 


A "circle" of many of the beads
I design and produce

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 We may be contacted by EMAIL anytime

 Please feel free to

The Small Print

  Please note and be Aware!
All my beads are created and intended for Adults!
The beads pose a choking hazard and are NOT intended for infants, small children under the age of
13 or pets!
Even though my beads have been properly kiln annealed , they are still glass and can break. If dropped or handled improperly, or exposed to sudden temperature changes can cause breakage which will produce sharp edges and glass pieces that can cause injury.

  Also note!
All photographs of my beads and jewelry are as close to the true colors as possible.
The variations in computer monitors may give a different color or hue.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase call me to arrange an exchange or refund.
My phone number is as follows:
360 692-2513